The Darren Sanders Show

Half Truths  featuring Simon Relf and Kathryn Brownhill  perform Sinner's Good Time.

Take Your Time with Me

From the EP: Terry Serio's Ministry Of Truth Who's To Cry.

Pure Pop Cafe Melbourne

Performing USA Man

Melbourne Bitter Tears

Shot at Pure Pop Cafe by Richard Lowenstein

Everything Came True

From the launch of Oblivion.

Deus Cafe

Performing Take Your Time at the Deus Cafe with Terry Serio's Ministry of Truth

Visions of You

Terry Serio's Ministry Of Truth perform Visions Of You

From Keating! The Musical

Bob Hawke, Australia's longest serving Labor PM. Here he is (as played by Terry Serio) basking in the glory of his 4th successive election victory over the Libs in 1990.

Steve Vizard Show

Terry Serio - sings - The Gangster of Love by Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Steve Vizard Show - Melbourne Live

Bed As Big As A Boat

Live at SITE - Victoria St Kings X, 1/06/1990 in conjunction with legendary Sydney band - THE DEADLY HUME. Greg Perano (drums), James Freud (bass), Ron Hadley (Guitar). Audience includes Michael Hutchence, Kylie Minogue, Marc Scully, Dean Denham, Noah Taylor, Nick Conroy, Bones Martin et al.